Why “Sacred” Fashion?

Sacred Fashion Anna Gordon has launched its high-end, ready-to-wear women’s collection for Spring/Summer 2015.

Ms. Gordon is fulfilling her dream of combining her high-end modeling career with a high-end fashion company. Unlike other revered fashion empires that go by a name only (think Gucci, Christian Dior), Ms. Gordon chose the combination of her name, Anna Gordon, paired with Sacred Fashion for a reason. Her first and second collections will embrace the “Anna Gordon” vision to design, produce and merchandise ready-to-wear collections of classically elegant attire and accessories for sophisticated clientele.

She also has plans for special Signature Collections inspired by things or events that we cherish, that we adore … that are “Sacred.” Simply put, she knows that fashion has the power to transform lives.

sacred fashion anna gordon

This explains Ms. Gordon’s choice of the logo for her company: a silver, circular symbol joined at the center with two smaller circles inside. She chose the color silver because of its reflective, lustrous quality which signals a time of reflection and a change of direction as it illuminates the way forward.

The logo’s circular symbol joined in the center is indicative of Ms. Gordon’s dual vision of both high-end women’s Collections and Sacred Signature Collections. The smaller circles signify the two fashion lines being launched locally and the large circles signify the eventual expansion of the two fashion lines globally. Powerful.

Sacred Fashion Anna Gordon.

Please join us as we illuminate the way forward on our quest to become a benchmark of global fashion.